Kandu, the new platform connecting entrepreneurs with trusted experts

Feb 7, 2018 · All female founding team seek to help UK startups grow better, faster.

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Kandu, a free online matching service launches today, to support startups on their journey to success. Kandu helps take the headache out of finding the right help at the right time, saving entrepreneurs time and money, by matching them to trusted experts who can validate their ideas, co-create strategies or simply help them get things done.

Startups can offer experts and advisors a fee, equity, flexible working or even just a cup of coffee in return for help. Experts can find more flexible contract or advisory opportunities at interesting startups that might just be the next BorrowMyDoggy or Babylon Health on terms that work for them.

Whilst the numbers of entrepreneurs and experts choosing to work for themselves is increasing at a rapid rate, the startup ecosystem is becoming increasingly fragmented. Finding the right people to help is becoming more difficult, often limited by personal networks and geography. Kandu aims to remove these barriers, by connecting people based on startup and SME problems, skills and availability - helping them find exactly the right expertise at the right time.

Unlike existing work marketplaces such as PeopleperHour, Kandu is not focused on finding founders the cheapest, quickest tactical fix. Instead, it provides entrepreneurs with experts who can provide insight and an impactful solution to the underlying problems many founders encounter on their startup journey - from advice on running a business, digital build, marketing, raising investment and personal or business coaching. The platform also guides entrepreneurs, to help them think about what they need now and what they may need in the coming months as they move from idea, to build, launch and growth and attracting investment.

Kandu is the brainchild of an all-female team - digital strategist and product consultant Nina Lovelace and startup mentor and marketing expert Jenni Young. The platform accepts and validates experts based on previous work, recommendations and based on the three values that Kandu works with - be honest, be supportive, add value​ - criteria that the Kandu founders believe are essential to any beneficial working relationship and separate quality experts from the less scrupulous advisors.

"The UK startup support ecosystem is becoming increasingly fragmented," says Nina. "Finding the best people to help is becoming more difficult. Startups searching LinkedIn or Facebook rely on pot luck for example - will experts respond, and are they trusted? Meanwhile, 90% of startups still fail in five years. They need better support."

"We particularly see an opportunity for experts and startups to connect across the country," adds Jenni, "We know that geography is a particular barrier to getting great work done and the focus on connecting clusters of expertise across the country and tracking engagement will be a huge benefit - not just to startups but to the organisations who support the UK economy."

Kandu was selected for the autumn cohort at the Imperial College White City Pre-accelerator and the platform soft launched at the end of October 2017, with sign ups beating all expectations. The team are preparing to raise Seed Enterprise Investment Funding this quarter to further develop the platform. Kandu is on track to deliver a vibrant online community for the UK in 2018.

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