I’ve seen the future of hearables – and it involves a lot of lube

Jan 6, 2017 · thememo.com

Screen shot 2017 01 06 at 05.05.14

These 3D-printed earphones promise to stay put even when you run.

When I meet Paul Jobin, the founder of Snugs, he already has a great elevator pitch to hand.

"We make little Savile Row suits for your ears," he beams.

In his hand he’s holding his own tailored ‘suits’: two colourful blobs of soft silicon, moulded from the shape of his own ear.

The shape of our ear canals is unique to each of us, he tells me, even more so than our fingerprints. This is why your average pair of earphones keep falling out, have poor sound quality, and a habit of sharing your music tastes with everyone else in the train carriage.

It’s a problem that technology has already solved – if you have the money. Professional musicians and newsreaders have been using custom-made in-ear monitors for decades. What Jobin and his team at Snugs have done is use new laser and 3D-printing technology to knock a zero off the price tag.

"[It’s] all the benefits that rock stars have had for years with their custom in-ear monitors, and by using the latest technology we can create something completely bespoke and custom for you at an affordable price," he says.

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