Growth Bootcamp launches in London, UK

Feb 13, 2018 · The 6-week, ‘no-bull’ Growth Hacking Course comes to London this Spring, powered by Growth Sandwich and Forward Partners

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Growth Bootcamp, a 6-week intensive Growth Hacking course officially launches in London. The course is powered by London’s renowned Growth Hacking Lab, Growth Sandwich and is co-hosted by Forward Partners, a prominent early-stage Venture Capital firm based in London. The program consists of multiple 3-hour sessions that will take place after regular business hours, spread out over 6 weeks between this March and May. Although the course will explore the theory behind Growth Hacking, it will heavily emphasize its practicality through the analysis of real cases, aiming to give birth to a new breed of Growth Hackers. The program will conclude with a ‘Growth Hackathon’, a Growth competition that will be open to students of the Course along with a select number of external participants.

Growth Bootcamp offers:

● Being on the 19th of March

● Spread out between multiple 3-hour sessions that will take place Mondays / Tuesdays, pending any bank holidays

● Will have 6 main categories consisted by 10 sessions plus one bonus session and will end with a Growth Hackathon

● The cost of the program is 1500 GBP. Apart from the course itself, participants will have access to a multitude of perks including but not limited to network exposure and access to a large community of other Growth Hackers

Growth Bootcamp’s free pre-event will take place on the 15th of February in Bathtub2Boardroom, where people interested in participating will have the chance to meet the main instructors and ask questions about the program. The pre-event will also include some RSVP here.

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