Government set to position UK as leader in cybersecurity amid rise in attacks

Mar 28, 2018 ·

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The government wants to position the UK as a global leader in cybersecurity and make it one of the safest countries to do business.

These aims were set out in its Cyber Security Export Strategy; a five-year plan for the Government to protect businesses and people, deter attackers and develop security skills. The report reads: "Our vision for 2021 is that the UK is secure and resilient to cyber threats, prosperous and confident in the digital world."

This comes at a crucial time where technological trends are making organisations more vulnerable to a cyber attack. Everything is becoming digital and connected via the internet – from the blockchain to personal identification, which adds to the list of what is hackable.

This connected state also means that users are sharing data across the internet, leaving personal information at risk of exposure – we only have to look to the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook fiasco to be reminded of how much of our personal data is being handled by big companies and third parties.

And more businesses, individuals and governments are being hit. In fact, research from Vanson Bourne revealed that 40% of mid-large UK businesses suffered on average five ransomware attacks in the past year – costing them individually £329,976 per annum.

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