European growth-stage tech funding doubles in just three years

May 14, 2019 ·

Shutterstock 735743386 898x505 and Stripe have released the "Life is Growth" report today, analysing Growth-stage technology funding in Europe.

The report states that the UK is still a step ahead of its European peers with €8.82 billion invested in growth stage tech between 2016 and 2018.

The findings in a nutshell:

- Investment in growth-stage technology in Europe has nearly doubled from 2016, going from €6.88 billion invested to more than €11,66 billion in 2018.

- The figures revealed today that the total of financing going to British, German, French and Swedish growth startups in this time period exceeds €21 billion. This represents 70% of the total investment, and nearly double the amount raised by tech companies in the next 20 countries in the ranking. Similarly, the vast majority of investors are based in the UK (roughly 25% of the total), France and Sweden.

- Fintech MedTech and Saas have been the most popular industries for investors, generating over €12,14 billion in growth-stage funding in the past three years, far outstripping other sectors. Alone, these 3 sectors concentrate more than 40% of total investment in European growth-stage businesses.

Investment in European growth-stage technology companies is at an all-time high

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