Engie, the car diagnostics app and mechanic marketplace, launches in UK

Mar 14, 2017 · techcrunch.com

Engie device3

Engie, the Israeli startup that offers a car diagnostics device and app to enable you to better understand the health of your car, and is tied to a marketplace for local mechanics, sees its full U.K. launch today.

Priced at £14.99 for Android users or £19.99 for iOS, Engie’s Bluetooth device plugs into you car’s on-board computer and via the accompanying Engie app tells you what might be wrong with your vehicle, or what repairs might be required in the near future.

I’m told this includes anything from engine malfunctions, emission and fuel consumption, to battery condition and maintenance information.

It then takes that information — thus making sense of the various data points that a car’s diagnostic "black box" already monitors — and connects you to the Engie after-market mechanic marketplace, which includes TripAdvisor-styled reviews and price comparisons for any work and parts required.

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