Drone Major Group launches the world's first connectivity platform for the drone industry

Sep 28, 2017 · bdaily.co.uk


The launch of Drone Major Group Limited was announced today (September 27), which focuses on the fast-growing drone industry and connecting businesses. Drone Major Group is the first company ever to provide an integrated products and services to the global drone industry. The launch of a new portal hopes to provide critical connectivity - until now, there has been no single resource available to help navigate and procure an extensive range of drones and such services.

This will be the world’s first online portal to facilitate the sale of drones and drone-related equipment. A membership scheme will also deliver added-value benefits and ‘one-stop’ services including ‘Drone Major experts’.

Robert Garbett, founder and chief executive of Drone Major Group, commented: "The advance of the drone industry towards full connectivity is inevitable. How long this will take will depend on the will of the industry and its ability to develop robust standards; the willingness of regulators to enable new applications…

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