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Alexa crashed on Christmas Day

Amazon said its Alexa devices were among the holiday season’s best-sellers, particularly the Echo... · 31 Dec 2018

RT @LDNconnectory: We have a special announcement... Our website is live! Read all about our space, find out what's going on and meet our…

RT @LDN_gov: I’ve pledged more than £600k to support 23 local projects that will build more inclusive, vibrant neighbourhoods. These wonder…

RT @RipItUpTheEvent: London @LDNTechWeek we had a really exciting event, our keynote was given by @VMware by the fabulous @charleywoodwar4…

This strange new phishing attack uses a surprise bill to trick you into clicking

WeWork founder Neumann raised $700m through share sales and loans

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iOS 13's killer feature will make your battery last longer... but there are downsides

Does net neutrality still matter in our post-web world?

📣 Senior iOS Engineer gig at @Citymapper #ios #objectivec

The rising tide of ransomware requires a commitment to best practices

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