Cab-hailing app Gett launches new initiative to slash CO2 emission

Oct 2, 2018 ·


A black cab-hailing app is embarking on a new initiative to provide carbon neutral taxi journeys and reduce CO2 emissions.

Gett’s yearly emissions from consumer and business rides, amounting to around 7,500 tonnes of CO2 annually, will be offset by sustainability consultancy Carbon Clear.

The partnership will see Gett investing in a wind-power project in India to displace fossil fuels and the Madre de Dios Project in the Peruvian Amazon, set up to reduce deforestation.

Gett will also give London customers the opportunity to ride ‘carbon positive’ in the city’s black cabs by paying an extra 20p per ride.

Additional funds will be donated to the 12 schools in central London identified in the Mayor’s school air quality audit programme.

Elsewhere, Gett will continue working to reduce emissions by supporting the adoption of LEVC TX Electric Taxis, the UK’s first fully-certified electric cabs, across London, Coventry, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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