Brexit with no deal unthinkable for UK tech, Lords committee told

Feb 12, 2018 ·

Brexit road fotolia

The damage that leaving the EU without a deal will reap on the UK tech sector is unthinkable, a House of Lords committee told.

The idea of leaving the EU without a deal is so bad it is unthinkable, according to IT industry experts giving evidence to a House of Lords committee.

Three senior figures in the UK tech sector met the Lords EU committee to discuss how the UK IT sector views the current plans for exiting the EU.

For some the UK leaving the EU without a good trade deal is beyond comprehension. "For me it is quite hard to think through a no-deal scenario because it will be so disruptive. I think many take the view that it would be such a negative outcome for the UK economy that it won’t happen," Antony Walker, CEO at IT industry body TechUK told the committee. "The scale and complexity of no-deal is so great that it is genuinely difficult for companies to think through and mitigate."

A status quo transitional agreement of at least two years is the minimum requirement that the UK tech sector needs to remain competitive, he added. "Everybody in the sector wants clarity by March."

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