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Ever spent the whole of Saturday waiting around for a parcel to arrive?

Do you wonder how you are meant to get supermarket deliveries to your house given that you are never at home?

The good news is change is coming.

Drones, Connected Cars, the Sharing Economy and more will all have huge repercussions in terms of how deliveries and logistics will be disrupted in the future

This role will be right at the heart of that.

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This brand new concept, backed by Jaguar Land Rover, is being built in the InMotion mobility startup studio.

Working with a talented team and some major partners, you'll be developing innovative technology that will improve deliveries for everyone: retailers, logistics providers and most importantly the end user.

About You

We’re looking for someone who likes solving big problems that make a difference.

In summary:

You are a problem solver

You are confident working with Node.JS, including API heavy interfaces with multiple endpoints

You are familiar with lean and scrum methodologies and quickly able to create web app.

You have at least 5 years of development experience under your belt either in a start-up or working as a contractor. In either case you share a desire to build and grow your own start-up business.

You’re most likely a full stack dev, but could also be a front end dev with good visual design skills, who’s comfortable with combining technology with a solid product and business understanding.


Founder’s level equity and salary based on experience.

Unparalleled support to grow your early stage business faster

InMotion will support you with training and network with dedicated Venture Partners who provide guidance at every stage, connecting into a broad range of advisors, including inside JLR. We have a Growth team to leverage the unfair advantage of JLR and an in-house Technical team to support your tech. This dedicated network and the supporting cast of InMotion is part of our commitment to help you build your business.

Apply now for a unique chance to grow a business and improve people’s lives. If you think you have what it takes then we want to hear from you. We’ll expect you to demonstrate an entrepreneurial edge and your strengths to become a Venture Founder CTO. We’ll start with an initial telephone screen before inviting you in to pitch to us, to prove you’ve got what it takes. We’ll ask you to complete a technical challenge. After the final stage will give you’ll have an opportunity to engage deeper with the program and the InMotion team. So, if you’re excited by the opportunity then apply now!

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