Turing Talent is a new program for STEM graduates and early career professionals looking to kick start or boost their careers in the tech industry. Our mission is to unlock the next generation of diverse, resilient and impact led leaders in the field of technology.

We believe in helping people grow through working in a global setting. This includes living in a new city and working alongside people with different backgrounds. Candidates should be open-minded to this experience.

By applying to Turing Talent, you will have the opportunity to work for from some of the most dynamic tech giants to cutting-edge start-ups in Silicon Valley. Successful applicants get a shot at a job in a top Silicon Valley firm, but will also join a community of high-calibre peers and benefit from Turing Talent mentoring and development opportunities.

We are currently looking for skilled software engineers.

Please go to to apply.

In order for us to best assist you with a US visa, please include your nationalit(ies) in your application.

This program is free to apply to.

Minimum Qualifications:

Experience in C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python or Swift First intake

Bonus Points:

- Degree in Computer Science or a related field

- Demonstrated software engineering skills from a previous internship, work experience, projects, competitions or publications

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