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HoloMe is a London-based technology Startup focused on creating real-life holograms of humans in Augmented Reality. We create market first photo-realistic holograms for smartphone devices and wearable technologies. Our software allows businesses and individuals to record humans and reproduce them as holograms for advertising, education, exhibits and marketing installations. We have recently gone to market with our software in London and globally.

Project Status

We are taking a segmented approach to releasing applications of the software as the individual technical milestones are achieved. Phase 2 and 3 of this software will include a release for social media and a revolutionary approach to existing ‘Skype’ style communications.

Holome is currently working with tech-giants and leading global corporations on the deployment of this technology.

Job Description

We’re seeking an experienced Software Developer to join the company alongside the CTO.

Candidate requirements


- Mobile applications development with augmented and mixed reality.

- Writing shaders for FX

- Create/use mathematical algorithms for multiple special functions (combining sprites and 3d objects on scene, fast shadows, etc.)

- Working with the API from the server side (real time and not real time)

Base Skills required:

- Unity 3D 4+ years

- GLSL / HLSL / Gc 1+ years


- C# 4+ years

- Photon / UNET

- Vuforia / Arkit / Arcore

- Excellent knowledge of linear algebra

- Excellent knowledge of computer graphics algorithms

- Patterns of design and OOP

Bonus skills:

- Java / Android SDK 1+

- IOS / Objective C 1+

- OpenGL / Vulkan / Metal

- ffmpeg / MTP

- OpenCV

- PythonM

- C++

More about the company

HoloMe Technologies was founded by friends and serial entrepreneurs with a drive and the knowledge to disrupt mobile communication. The company is still in its developmental phase which will provide exciting opportunities for early team members as the company grows and evolves.

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