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Rentoo helps overseas tenants rent beautiful apartments online on a medium to long-term basis. We are a young startup, on a mission to transform an old and overpriced industry by offering simple solutions to both landlords and tenants.

We're looking for a seasoned Digital Marketer to join our team (at Rentoo we call you our Growth Hacker). Your main job will be to help increase our online visibility, carry out growth experiments, analyse the data and optimise our existing growth channels. We're based in Mayfair, Central London. Here is a bit about us:

Our culture:

- Design matters.

- Keep it simple.

- Code is Art.

- Don’t let your team down.

- Work should be liberating.

- Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness.

- Tough times don’t last, tough people, do.

- We can do whatever we set our minds to.

The Role

Some of your daily duties will involve:

- Lead our digital marketing efforts.

- Devising, prioritising and running growth experiments.

- Creating user personas and lead generation, prospecting, user acquisition, pipeline/funnel optimisation.

- Creating landing pages, running A/B tests and optimising our conversion.

- Coming up with clever ways to capture users and quickly validating ideas.

- Writing funny, engaging and insightful blog posts to generate new leads.

- Promoting us on forums, social channels and other 3rd party sites.

- Getting feedback from our customers and implementing changes to our user journeys.

- Analysing our data and user behaviour via analytics tools.

- Keeping us up to date with the latest growth hacking trends.

- Improving our search engine presence (SEO) and domain authority.

- Posting several times a day on social media and measuring conversion.

- Devising email campaigns to reactivate lost users.


- Are a self-starter and don’t need to wait for instructions.

- Love numbers.

- Are building a name for yourself and go the extra mile.

- Don’t bend under pressure (our environment is fun but challenging).

- Got a keen eye for design and solid understanding of user experience

- Are all about attention to detail.

- Are entrepreneurial; a real go-getter and sometimes a hustler.

- Know your key strengths.

- Excel at both verbal and written communication.

- Can quickly solve all types of problems (we will test this).

- Are curious about data.

- Can think like a user and forecast their behaviour.

- Are good at networking and promoting.

- Are a good public speaker and can communicate effectively both online and in real life.

- Keep things simple.

If this sounds like you then please apply here:

For recruiters: Please do not contact us as a recruiter. We are honestly not interested and it will save us both the headache of having an uncomfortable conversation.

Minimum Requirements:

- 3-5 years experience with digital marketing.

- A portfolio of marketing projects and case studies.

- Advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript or be good at creating landing pages.

- We don’t care if you have a degree in a relevant field; we care about experience, drive and work ethic.

Strong working proficiency:

- Prototyping tools like Atomic, Balsamiq, Invision, Photoshop/Sketch, etc.

- Keyword and content researching tools like Keyword Planner.

- Analytics tools like Google Analytics, Heap, Mixpanel, Databox, Kissmetrics, Hotjar, etc.

- SEO/SEM and how to improve search visibility.

- Adwords, PPC, Double Click.

- Email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Sendgrid.

- A/B Testing with tools like Optimizely, VWO or Google Optimize

Bonus Points:

- Adwords Certification

- Have worked in a marketing agency dealing first hand with the digital - marketing efforts in a variety of industries.

- Some of your websites reached the top of the search engines organically for highly competitive keywords

- Have previously worked in a property technology startup and familiar with different marketing tactics in the property industry.

- Have your own personal blog about digital marketing

- You're an active member of

- Got a channel on Youtube with more than a 10000 subscribers

- You are active on Instagram and Snapchat and have a large following

- In your spare time, you pursue a creative hobby like photography or making videos

- Have a favourite growth hacking book

- You've built chatbots that generated over 100 leads per day.


- You will develop your problem solving, marketing and business skills.

- You get to see how startups are built from inception to growth face.

- Become part of a small, driven and insanely smart team.

- You will learn how to code and gain experience in different marketing and CRM tools.

- You will have a lot of responsibility from day one.

- Apart from your main duties, you will be involved in all areas of the business.

- Regular team outings, dinner and drinks.

- Competitive Salary + Benefits.

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