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About the Role

• As a Senior Developer, you will join one of the agile development teams within Iron focused on building functionality within our subscription platform or for a specific product.

• The primary purpose of the role is to test and write code for incorporation into our platform and products, you will participate in code review, but you will also be expected to demonstrate leadership within the team: acting as an exemplar for the less experienced members of staff in both technical and non-technical ways, and contributing strongly to the architectural progress of the organisation.

• Our technical strategy for the platform is based on two principles: Continuous Delivery in terms of process, and containerised micro-services in terms of the technology. We have made progress in this but there is still a lot of work to do: we have legacy systems that are in the process of migration, and while we are working to build systems producing our containers we are not yet fully automated.

• Developers within our teams are responsible for writing high-quality code that fits into this vision, and as we rely heavily on the Angular framework it’s important that new code is idiomatic and elegant.

• We expect our Senior Developers to have one major area of specialism and we have a specific interest in Angular.

• This is something that can be developed further within the role, as Senior Developers have visibility over the full software lifecycle, and will also include deployment into production and continuous delivery processes.

• Experience writing clean RESTful APIs, designing microservices and clearly architecting according to SOLID principles are important to us, and Senior Developers will have had experience doing this in the past.

• We follow an agile methodology (scrum), and developers work alongside our designers and product owners in sprints.

Key Tasks

• Writing tests and developing new functionality

• Planning tasks through JIRA, reporting progress consistently

• Documenting code and decisions, leading or contributing to design decisions

• Developing and documenting the overall system architecture

• Mentoring and guiding less senior staff as appropriate

• Ensuring scrum master is aware of all blocking problems

• Working closely with the lead developer and others in the business to refine the backlog, and contribute to product design decisions

Who we’re looking for

Our software is API-driven, with new API development happening on Symfony 3 / PHP 7 as far as possible and a front-end developed in Angular. Our infrastructure is Linux-based and containerized, although we have small pieces of legacy in places which are neither of these things (and which we expect to get rid of soon). We’re looking for developers with a wealth of skills in different areas, but demonstrable strength in Angular is required, as well as general skills such as object-oriented design / design patterns.

Technical skills

• Strong JS / Angular skills, including:

• Angular 1 & 2 experience (Angular 2 preferred)

• Knowledge of npm, webpack, gulp or similar tools / build pipelines

• Excellent knowledge of object oriented design, design patterns, three-tier architecture

• Good MySQL knowledge, including usage through an ORM such as Doctrine, but especially direct querying and schema design

• Excellent knowledge and experience of API development, ideally RESTful / HATEOAS

• Knowledge of test infrastructure, such as PHPUnit, and experience with a variety of testing approaches and frameworks

Bonus skills include:

• Experience with other PHP or Javascript frameworks, particularly those using Symfony/Silex modules

• Experience in a continuous deployment environment, using tools such as Jenkins or GitLab, docker, kubernetes

Experience and education

• Educated to degree level in Computer Science or a similar technical field

• Has worked in a start-up type environment and is comfortable with working at pace

• Understands agile practices, ideally putting in place / re-enforcing strong agile practice/management, possibly certification of some kind (e.g. Scrum Master training)

• Any experience related to payment services; such as gateways or acquisition

Personal Attributes

• Effective interpersonal skills and professional presentation

• Very organised and comfortable multi-tasking and prioritising

• Strong team player who is always listening, and is able to influence other members of the team as appropriate

• Knowledgeable about a broad range of technology issues, able to speak with authority on a range of technical issues

About Us

Iron Solutions (also called Iron SLS Ltd) is a technologically-savvy, fast-paced, vibrant, young e-business start-up company. Established in 2014 and founded by experts in the recurring billing industry, we specialise in subscription services in a number of different sectors such as: e-learning, cloud storage, e-mail routing, SaaS, ticketing, gaming, legal advice and admin assistance (accounting software, visa & driver’s license administration).

We are particularly specialised in five areas of expertise that are critical for e-business subscription companies looking to increase their profitability:

• Web Marketing

• Web Development

• Billing and Pricing engineering

• Customer Service

• e-Reputation

Working as a team we aim to create profitable solutions for similar e-business projects.

We Offer:

• An experience in a dynamic and entrepreneurial start-up

• The opportunity to work with a mixture of seasoned driven experts and a highly motivated young team

• An ideal environment to enhance your skills, develop your expertise and receive excellent training

• A challenging job in an energetic and friendly atmosphere

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