We are a marketing consultancy based in London that helps global clients understand and improve their social media strategy.

We are looking for a highly experienced senior engineer to lead the development of an analytics platform for western and Chinese social media networks.


- Build cloud data infrastructure for Western and Chinese social media networks

- Structure and manage data pipeline

- Build Deep Learning tech foundation


- Ability to read Chinese and understand the API documentation for Wechat, Sina Weibo.

- TDD, including RSpec/Mocha

- Good at Node.JS & Ruby/Rails, GCP, docker/kubernetes

- Working knowledge of Tensorflow and Machine Learning


- Ruby & Node.JS expert (5+ years experience)

- Working knowledge of Docker/Swarm/Kubernetes (3+ years experience)

- Experience with Apache Beam framework (1+ years experience)

- Experience working with APIs

- Experience working with Tensorflow/Deep learning

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