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Owl is a completely new communications channel that will change the way you communicate with the people that matter to you.  It’s based on authenticity, exchange (not broadcast) and communicating a glimpse of what your reality is Right Now.

We have just closed our funding round which was lead by Michael Birch (ex-Bebo founder) and a raft of very prominent angels in London including the Ex-CTO of Mind Candy.

Owl is being led by (Tariq Aris and George Green), both experienced founders, who have scaled and exited consumer-facing startups in the past.

We are forming a core team (4) of elite developers to polish and launch Owl, after which, to iterate aggressively as we get the platform into shape for a full press launch.  Our tech pipeline is intense and we have a work ethic that ignores ‘working hours’ and is more about doing what it takes to get the job done, can you imagine the first 4 engineers at Instagram or Snapchat clocking off at 5 o'clock?

The Role:  Android Lead

Salary: 50-80k

Equity: 0.25 - 1%

No remote work at the beginning, but can be considered after initial trust is established.

We are looking for a senior Android developer to take full ownership of the Android platform, we have a working version at the moment.  It functions well but is need of TLC.

You need to have the right mix of attention to detail and speed, the pipeline is heavy and changing based on data, so agility is vital, but you must develop to a level that produces a Great user experience.

The office is based in Shoreditch (atm) and we like to go out and have fun and all the other malarky you get by working in startups, but to be honest, this is a once in a lifetime role, so if having a pingpong table in the office is going to make a difference, then this role is not for you!

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