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Whilst freelancing is changing the way people think about the labor market, Crème de la Crème focuses on the workforce tomorrow: the most talented freelancers in Europe.

Strong with almost 50,000 freelancers and 10,000 paying clients, Crème de la Crème is Europe's leading freelancing platform both in terms of community building and as a brand.

The founders of the firm belief that this increasing number of independent workers will continue to happen as long as they can rely on a strong community brought together because of the values they share.

Independent yes, but not alone! Crème de la Crème is accelerating its growth keeping a community-first vision in mind. By connecting bright talents with corporate clients around innovative and large projects, Crème de la Crème is filling the skill gap between the digital natives and managers from established companies. Today, most of the CAC40 (France's listed companies) is already working with the startup but also worldwide famous companies like Google, Linkedin or Airbnb.


From us: join an adventurous young and dynamic team (the average age is 24 years old) ! Give your opinion on the strategy of a hyper growing start-up, be part of a Series A fundraising and work completely autonomously on your projects.

From you: to help in this hyper-growing stage, we are looking to recruit bright talents in every department: Tech, Business Development, Marketing, Account Management, Community. Even more importantly we are looking for curious, dynamic and autonomous people, ready to take on every challenge a disruptive start-up has to encounter.

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By working closely with the co-founders and the international development team you will be working on the International Brand Image.

To do so you will be:

- Leading an influencer marketing strategy (i.e. startup influencers, freelancers etc...)

- Leading our PR strategy, create meaningful relationships with journalists

- Make sure the Management team becomes guest bloggers in relevant media

- Work on impactful events for our community

- Partner up with other established players to foster our brand image

And we will help you by:

- Covering business expenses (i.e. meeting/having lunch with journalists)

- Giving you marketing budget to follow-up on that content which we will push on Social Media

- Allowing you to use another budget to convince media/influencers to relay our value proposition

Who you are:

- You have a first PR/Influencer experience (internship included)

- You've been in the UK for at least two years

- You hold a Bachelor degree from a top school in journalism or another relevant discipline in the UK

- Everyone likes to hang out with you. It's easy for you to build relationships

The plus:

- You have already managed a marketing budget

- You speak another language than English (French is not required for this job)

- You've already established proven relationships with the press

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