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Are you a rebel? Are you ready to join our RIOT? 🤘

timetoRIOT is looking for an ambitious person who wants to learn about marketing, growth, two-sided platforms and the creative industry. We can promise a steep learning curve and lots of fun.

About timetoRIOT

timetoRIOT is a smart hiring platform using modern technology to solve the frequent hiring need in the project-driven TV, film & entertainment industry. We have seen freelancers going from prestigious projects to being unemployed for months, and at the same time, companies struggling to get in touch with suitable freelancers.

We believe that creation should be the hardest part of being in the creative industries, not searching for the right freelancers. Therefore, we launched our showcasing and hiring platform in 2016 and now have over 17,000 freelancers in Norway and the UK, using the platform as their homepage. Freelancers can create a free profile where they can showcase their work to the industry, and apply for hundreds of jobs.

Creative companies can post jobs and browse through freelancers' profiles. The visual profiles on timetoRIOT enable companies to see the freelancers' skills, style, and professional network, making the hiring process easier and less time-consuming.

timetoRIOT does not only solve the problem of hiring, but also the adjoining problems that come alongside a freelance industry. By implementing secure payment options, automated accounting, and project management tools, timetoRIOT's vision is to become the one-stop-shop for planning, organising and executing creative projects.

timetoRIOT has offices in London, LA, Ukraine and Oslo.

Start Date: September 10th

Intern period: 3 months with the option of extending it to a part or full-time position

We offer:

- Relevant work experience within a booming industry 🚀

- Possibility to launch own projects within the company

- A vibrant office space

- Free coffee and occasional snacks

- Oh, and every member of the team gets a personalised illustration by the amazing artist Mikael Noguchi

Typical tasks:

- Customer recruitment

- User growth

- Marketing through social media

- Idea generation and concept development

We are looking for a person with:

- Good communication skills

- Interest in marketing and growth

- The ability to work structured and independently

- Good written English skills

- Passionate about the creative industry

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