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Customer Service and Operations are the most important functions we have at Repairly – this role combines them both.

One of the pivotal reasons we created Repairly was to turn negative experiences into positive ones. We wanted to show people that you can find delight in even the smallest of places; and if you can find wonder and poetry in a phone repair, you can find it anywhere.


As an Operations Executive, you’ll be in control of the day-to-day operations at Repairly.

We’re a startup, so naturally, there are lots of other interesting elements to this role, but I hope the following helps to give an outline of where we’re at now. The key elements in this role are…

- Inbound communications

Front of house for dealing with questions from our Engineers, Representatives, and Customers. Using a mix of internal tools, phone conversations, and good old WhatsApp.

- Routing and Rota

Essentially, we’re building a logistics business heavily applied to the aftermarket services industry (tech repair).

We need a lot of technology to ensure our Reps have smart routes to follow round the city, and we’re making good progress, but we’re not all the way there yet. This means you’ll need to hold the tech’s hand and help it make smart decisions about where to send Representatives by making route decisions. You’ll also need to look ahead and schedule Representative shifts for the coming weeks.

- Payments

You’re in charge of taking customer payments, as well as paying Representatives and Engineers at the end of each week.

- Reporting.

We are guided by our metrics, and it’s your job to report on a daily, weekly and monthly basis on what the business is actually delivering, in terms of revenue, number of sales, Engineer cost, etc.

- Tech feedback

The final key part of this role is to try and put yourself out of the job…! (Don’t worry, it’s impossible). To do this, you’ll need to be able to flag and suggest solutions to our tech team about what is taking most of your time, so they can build tech tools to help you out.

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