Role overview:

FoodStyles is looking for a full-time, Node.js Back End Developer to join our London based team. We are set to launch the app end of May 2019 and we need to scale the team to support the continuous improvement of the user interface with user feedback.

The company:

FoodStyles is to restaurants what Spotify is to music - challenging the way you connect with restaurants. Why? Because we believe that when it comes to eating out, there are four key aspects to cover; relevance, quality, craving and togetherness.

We show you the dishes rather than the restaurants. By gathering and structuring information about every dish in all of London’s restaurants, we are changing the way you navigate the food scene, based on your individual preferences.

By using proprietary frameworks developed together with experienced chefs, we are able to categorise all of the dish information and make it available through the FoodStyles app, which is launching in London in June 2019, with Europe and the US following.

The role:

You will be responsible for creating server-side application logic using JavaScript or other variants of the framework. You will be creating web services and support API integration with front end web/mobile applications. You will also be responsible in delivering a high-performance, scalable, and responsive back end application that can support multiple requests, as well as ensuring that data is efficiently and securely stored in a database/storage system.

Key skills & experience required:

- Strong knowledge of JavaScript and other variants (TypeScript, CoffeeScript, etc)

- Strong knowledge of Node.js core and frameworks (Express, Webpack, etc)

- Strong knowledge in developing web services via REST

- Knowledge in API integration

- Knowledge in database systems (relational, NoSQL, etc)

- Knowledge in developing front-end applications (HTML, CSS, front-end frameworks)

- More than 2 years’ server development experience, familiar with Node.js development, familiar with Express framework

- Skilled in using Linux, master server operation and maintenance knowledge

- Proficiency in at least one database and related knowledge

- Skilled in using Git code management tools

- Familiar with React development is preferred

- Good communication skills and good team work spirit

- Good program structure design and programming habits

- Work conscientiously and responsible, strong self-learning ability, have excellent logical thinking ability and excellent ability to work independently

- Graduate of Computer Science, Information Technology, or engineering courses

The Ideal Candidate:

We are looking for someone who will be able to get stuck into different projects, be a self-starter and able to complete a project from start to finish, good follow-through is essential.

Personal attributes we are looking for:

We believe that it’s often one side of the argument that is correct rather than a compromise. This means that all staff need to have strong opinions while being able to change their views rapidly when hearing a better suggestion to an issue. Being able to back other people’s ideas is crucial in order to work fast and keep momentum. So you should be able to:

-Encourage factual disagreement and facilitate discussion in order to curate the best possible solution to each situation.

-Strive to prove points using logic, qualitative or quantitative data and be aware of when your views are based on options or data.

- Want to give other people good energy and assume that other people want you to do well.

- Assuming that other people have good intentions makes the working climate simpler and more enjoyable, especially with the remote aspects of the work.

Application and start date:

We are interviewing continuously and am looking to fill the role as soon as possible. Please apply by sending an email to [email protected] with Node.js Back End Developer, London in the subject line.

If you are looking for a new position with more flexibility, working on an innovative and interesting project, please get in touch.

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