Mum Plus Business (MPB) seeks three senior executives who will become partners in the company


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We are looking to strategically develop the Mum Plus Business (MPB) team with three senior executives who will become partners in the company. These partners will receive autonomy over their business unit, a generous profit share for their division and equity in the underlying brand. This is a compelling proposition to experienced individuals with the relevant background to leverage the MPB platform and build equity in the growing brand. The delivery horizon in mind is 18-36 months.

Opportunity Overview:

Launched in 2011, Mum Plus Business is a leading company within the flexible working sector and a platform for ambitious and talented mothers looking to start a business or return to work.

Given our established brand, network and core partnerships, we have identified three core business verticals that we are looking to expand: advertising, recruitment and courses/events. We are looking for three experienced partners to take responsibility for a business unit for the growth phase of the platform. In return, partners will receive an equity share (vesting over 3 years) in the overall business, and in addition a generous profit share within their sector. This should align both the interests of the incoming member with the overall brand whilst offering significant upside. This opportunity would suit a highly motivated, self-starter with solid business experience and a real passion for our cause. The growth phase we envisage will run for a period of 18-36 months with a range of possible exits in mind.

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