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About Us

Shepper carries out on-demand inspections and basic tasks on properties and assets for individuals and businesses all across Europe.

Founded by Carl August Ameln the major investor in both Streetcar (now Zipcar) and LOVESPACE, Shepper delivers peace of mind by providing customers inspections of properties or assets anywhere in Europe by match making these jobs with hyper local ‘Shepherds’. The company was started as a direct response to satisfy the real need of individuals being able to check in on valuable assets (such as a holiday home) when they are too far away to do so themselves.

Since then, the company has seen huge growth on the B2B side within industries like Airbnb style property management companies checking on their portfolio of rental properties, car-sharing services checking on their vast fleets, and insurance providers wanting to check on claims by their customers. Our growing network of Shepherds allows our customers to make use of lower cost, faster, and more technically advanced inspections compared to more traditional methods.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for an enthusiastic front-end web developer to work with our product, marketing and tech teams in leading our site update. The work will involve both design and front-end development as well as configuring the CMS.

- 3+ years experience as a front-end developer.

- Proficient in PHP and specifically using the Laravel framework.

- Expert in building sites and front-ends using modern frameworks like Bootstrap and Vue.js.

- JavaScript experience using frameworks such as JQuery and familiar with latest version of JavaScript (ES2015).

- Good eye for design and comfortable using Photoshop & Illustrator.

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