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Takumi is looking for a head of marketing. We are an influencer platform focusing on local creators on Instagram. We work with the world's biggest brands and agencies and are growing fast. This role will support our growth, brand and positioning among the world’s forward-looking marketers.

*Responsibilities include:*

Events: Work with PR agencies and our own contacts to source speakers. Manage invitations, RSVPs and guest lists. Work with our four local offices in New York, London, Berlin and Reykjavík to pull off high-quality events. Manage and extract value from events so we can repurpose video, photos and retarget blog posts on the event topics and talks.

Merchandise: A big part of the Takumi brand is high-quality merchandise including branded notebooks, stationery, clothing etc.

Work with designers:The digital designers are in Croatia and work with the product team as well as design our marketing website. We will soon need an update to the website. Our Brand designer is in Iceland. We should add to our roster of freelance designers to fulfil more day-to-day tasks. One of your first jobs is to find this designer and set up a retainer.

Manage PR and content agencies: We decided to use PR from day one as a basis for our marketing activities. There is a considerable and growing interest in influencer marketing worldwide and Takumi has established a thought leadership role in many key markets. We want to continue to manage this and work alongside great PR agencies to make sure we are keeping and extending this lead, especially in new markets we enter.

Case Studies and content: A big part of our B2B marketing is managing good looking documents and case studies. We want to deepen and widen our reservoir of content. You’ll work alongside our head of product and senior sales to produce and maintain these documents along with up-to-date data, testimonials and surveys.

Paid B2B Advertising: Manage, report and increase our ROI on paid social and paid search results. This comes down to being able to effectively manage Google Ads and Facebook Ads and understanding our sales funnel.

*The ideal candidate*

- Wants to work in a fast growing company

- Has great taste in design

- Is an active contributor on Instagram (but you doesn’t have to be an influencer)

- Has a T-shaped knowledge and experience base in marketing; meaning none of the responsibilities above intimidates you, but at least one is what you would consider an area of expertise

- Produces concise and above-average-quality writing

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