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Oh, hello there.

We’re a small internal marketing agency at a VC. We provide services to over 40 portfolio companies, as well as a number of external clients. We’ve built some automated systems using Google Docs, but we’ve pretty much pushed Google Scripts as far as we can. So now it’s time to bring in a capable developer who’s keen to take the next step in their career. We hope that’s you.

Founded by two Cambridge grads, and employing a couple of ex-Googlers and some best of breed social and salespeople, we’re looking for someone who’s interested in the intersection between business data, technology and marketing. Without wanting to sound too arrogant, we’ve managed to build a very talented team. We expect nothing less from you.

We’re building an automation platform which will connect to the APIs for the big tech platforms - Google, Facebook, Twitter. And also Bing, which apparently some people still use. Most of the APIs are language agnostic, so as long as you’re a creative developer, the language you use doesn’t matter too much. We’ll tailor the interview to match your skillset. So don’t lie on your CV. That just ends badly for everyone.

With that said, a working knowledge of javascript and a couple of frameworks is going to be essential, on top of php/python/c#/whatever. We expect you to always be learning, just like us.

We’re not looking for someone who will do what we ask (to clarify: we’re also not looking for someone who will the opposite of what we ask). We’re looking for someone who will think about the problems we have and suggest things we haven’t considered. The most important thing in a small team is that every new member brings a new viewpoint and demonstrably adds value. If we just wanted someone to build to spec, we’d outsource.

If that means you’d like to spend Fridays exploring new bits of tech you think might be useful, that’s awesome, as long as you’re prepared to present to us your findings, so we know you’re not just trolling on Reddit and pretending to work.

You’ll also be the first full-time dev on the team (we have a contractor, though), but we’d be looking for you to help grow a team, and if you show the right stuff, perhaps lead it!

Here’s the formal bit:

Soft skills:

- You love to learn new things and aren’t afraid to suggest new ideas.

- You’re comfortable being in a slightly rowdy team in a busy office.

- You can concentrate on the task at hand despite distractions

- You can also switch your mind to new tasks quickly.

- You like to draw pictures (technical flows, etc) before you start coding so that everyone’s on the same page.

- You can communicate technical ideas in non-technical terms.

- You’d be happy going to a client meeting (you don’t have to wear a suit, we don’t)

Tech Skills:

- Javascript + React or similar.

- A couple of other languages, to some degree or other.

- Experience working with scaling systems, and a demonstrable ability to think about scaling from the very start.

- Some devops experience (AWS/GCP/etc), along with setting up monitoring systems

- A knowledge of marketing terms. Here are some examples: ROI, CPC, CTR. You will be tested on more.

- A fierce interest in data (experience with GA or similar would be great, but we can teach you).

- Rapid deployment - whether that’s CI or iterative development it doesn’t matter.

- You probably hate documentation, but you’re still going to need to be good at it.



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