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Your primary responsibilities would be supporting the development and testing process by creating build scripts (Docker and AWS CloudFormation), test automation, setting up continuous integration servers, managing git repositories, etc. You would also be expected to help keep the application servers stable (AWS, mostly EC2 Container Service running on Amazon Linux) by configuring monitoring and alerts, ensuring certificates don't expire, and trying to reduce our costs by consolidating servers. As part of this, you would be working very closely with the rest of our development team, fixing bugs in our code (ASP.NET Core, C#, Angular, TypeScript) and modifying the code so it can be deployed in an automated fashion.

As a small team, we all take on a large variety of responsibilities - and this role would be no exception. As we don't have any dedicated network or support staff, you will also be helping plan and manage the corporate IT network (primarily AWS-based, Windows domain, Office 365, DirectAccess, UE-V, AppV, VPNs) and need to take on some support duties. You wouldn't be a mere IT support monkey, however: the key goal of everything you do would be trying to find a way to document and automate it, so you can push the simple grunt work back down to the users.


* Graduate in a technology-related field, such as computer science - or someone with equivalent experience (e.g. worked in ops/support for a few years - but learnt programming in their spare time).

* Coding and automation skills - ideally in C# or a similar language.

* High standard of written English, as you will be required to write documentation, standards and procedures.

* Quick learner - particularly of new technologies, APIs, frameworks, tools and languages

You should have a deep interest many areas of computing and technology. Of course, an interest in development and operations, and where they intersect, is key. If you're someone who describes themselves as a programmer, but has set up a network - even (especially?) if it was just in your bedroom/basement for fun - you are probably the kind of person we'd be interested in.

Due to the often physical nature of the job, you will need to come into the office regularly. We are flexible and support remote work, but if, for example, a major network incident occurred during business hours, and we needed a physical presence to get it up and running again, you would need to be able to get into the office fairly quickly.

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