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Our client is a French specialized retail group acting worldwide and generating a turnover of 2 Billion Euros per year. At the initiative of its CEO, the company is currently working on structuring an Innovation team whose mission will be to support the Group in its internal and external growth. In this context, we are looking for talented people able to work on strategic thinking for the group development and innovation projects for a role of:


The main objective of the Ideation Manager is to set up a structured and efficient ideation process within the Group.

Main Responsibilities:

1. Facilitate the identification of opportunities:

- Set up the appropriate processes and tools to collect ideas from all Group stakeholders in all countries: staff, customers, industry, suppliers.

- Identify opportunities for other industries that could be applicable to the Group.

- Review major trends and present them to the Group SMT.

- Establish relationships with counterparts in other companies to share the experience with them.

- Establish relationships with start-up companies and innovation labs to identify upcoming products and services that could fit into our offer.

- KPIs on the above to be defined and followed up.

2. Lead the innovation process :

- Set up the 6 steps of the innovation process defined by the Group.

- Review on a regular basis and suggest changes to optimize the innovation process.

- Define and follow KPIs on this process.

- Organize the set-up of the innovation committee and the renewal of its members on a regular basis.

- Train Innovation Committee members on their responsibilities.

- Define and implement tools to formalize ideas to be presented to the committee (opportunity data sheet and/or video and/or other).

- Set up facilitation process to help structure the opportunities to be presented to the committee.

- Define process to have ideas to move to the next stage

- Follow up the Innovation Committee meetings to guarantee their effectiveness.

- Suggest amendments to the innovation committee process to optimize its effectiveness.

3. Implement Conception Process:

- Implement complete process: an idea has to follow once it has been validated to be in the concept phase (test).

- Setup and promote methodology to follow during the concept phase.

- Ensure regular follow up of the concepts to make sure they move at the proper pace.

- Provide support to individuals in charge of concepts ad hoc.

- Set up validation criteria and committee.

- Involve Propagation teams in the transfer of validation concepts to their propagation phase.

- Setup KPIs on the process and track them.

4. Facilitation of Innovation

- Review on a regular basis solutions and best practices in order to consistently improve the innovation culture within the Group in all countries.

- Come up with suggestions to the Group SMT on this topic.

- Following topics will have to be addressed within the first 12 months in the job: Innovation Platform, Lab, Innovation Days, Intrapreneur program, Innovation Awards.

Background and Skills :

- Excellent project management and organizational skills (anticipation, planning, follow-up, reporting) ideally in a cross-department and multi-country environment.

- Previous experience in an innovative environment: in a startup, a lab, within an innovation team in a big organization or in a new technology/disruptive economy.

- Knowledge of Innovative ecosystems in London (Start-ups, Incubators, Events…)

- Creative and curious

- Strong believer/ambassador of new technologies

- Very strong communication skills

- Resilient

- Business acumen

- Autonomous

If you are interested in this position, please contact Nicolas Melin: [email protected]

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