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Beeline is all about helping people have better journeys and discover new places. Our first product is a bluetooth connected navigation device for cyclists that makes finding your way fun, simple and explorative. Launched on Kickstarter in late 2015 we've just shipped 5000+ units and are now looking to scale up. A huge part of this is through direct online sales. We're currently a team of 7 and will be looking to expand the team as we scale up and raise series A later this year. People joining the team now will be able to take real responsibility in being part of our growth.


We're looking for an experienced performance marketer/growth hacker to grow Beeline's direct sales. Retail will be managed separately although no doubt there will be overlap in the marketing, branding etc. Need this person to be very analytical and data driven, running experiments and optimising our marketing to scale up fast with margin positive CPA.


- Need to be v. strong in digital marketing but able to look across channels to run tests and double down on what's working (hypothesis is that social paid ads is the most likely channel to focus on but need to prove/disprove this and act based on what we learn)

- Super analytical and data driven, prepared to work to v. ambitious targets and do whatever needs to be done to hit them.

- Able to build and lead a team as necessary in the long term but able to get their hands dirty doing everything themselves right now with limited resources and tech support. i.e. creating ad campaigns themselves, running social media, creating email marketing campaigns (prioritising based on what's working and their own time constraints early on). A lot of this will have to be hacked scrappily until we are able to build tech to automate. e.g. referral marketing.


- Track record of successful growth hacking elsewhere. Preferably in ecommerce

- Startup experience - understands working with limited resources, doing whatever needs be to achieve results

- Time isn't as important as the specific experience/what you've achieved, but we're probably looking for someone with 5+ years.


- Working as only dedicated marketing team member right now but with scope to hire/outsource as soon as the economics makes sense i.e. as soon as can show that the growth in a channel will pay for the new hires. We’ll make sure you have developer support to implement tech and website changes required to be implement plans quickly and effectively.

- Working alongside the founders on a daily basis right now but with the ambition that they take full responsibility for direct sales growth in time (given freedom within a e.g. quarterly budget and KPIs)


Experience dependent c. £40-60k + meaningful equity in the company

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