Full stack developer with strong back end skills


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5+ Years of experience working with PHP (could be lower if the candidate has strong experience coming from other programming languages).

· Fully knowledgeable of Composer and its ecosystem.

· Experience - and proficient working - with Laravel. This includes a great understanding of the internals of the framework and the ecosystem.

· Experience with API design and construction.

· Experience integrating third-party APIs.

· Experienced working with Git and knowledgeable of best practices for merging, branching and pull requests.

· Proficient working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript (We can stress this and detail the expectations further, but I think the emphasis should be on the backend part of the platform as this is where the real complexity shows)

· Knowledgeable of pre-/post-processors and asset build pipelines

· Has experience working on legacy systems and is knowledgeable of strategies to bring such existing software applications under control (Vincent, to clarify why I consider the system as a legacy system, it is because it has no automated tests).

· Proficient working in a TDD manner.

· Experience - and proficient working - with Linux environments, as taking on the role of DevOps is part of the day-to-day operations.

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