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We’re looking for someone organised, energetic & bright to support our senior team as they lead our journey towards becoming the best possible bank.

Building and running Monzo involves an interesting tension between moving fast (as we are a tech company) and having structured governance (as we are a highly regulated bank). We’re particularly fast-paced and our senior team have varied backgrounds as well as focussing on very different areas of the business. As Exec Assistant to the founders, you’ll get an incredible insight into how to run an innovative, exciting, high-growth company.

You’ll help them optimise the way they use their time and ensure that they’re focussing on the highest impact activities, amplifying the impact they have in leading Monzo to achieve our sky-high ambitions.

You’ll support our executive team with:

* correspondence: filtering and responding to emails, redirecting messages to the most appropriate person in the team

* qualification: determining whether a meeting is worth taking, obtaining a clear agenda, ensuring it’s an appropriate length, and taking introductory phone calls when needed

* prioritisation: managing their diaries, rescheduling meetings, making sure time is carved out for managing their team and for non-meeting work

* preparation: slides for presentations; arranging transport, accommodation and meeting rooms; follow-up on meeting actions

* administration: taking notes & actions at meetings, filing expenses, and other general support as needed

As well as ensuring they are organised and well-prepared, you’ll sometimes be called on to accompany them to high profile meetings (from Downing Street and the Bank of England to conference keynotes and BBC Radio interviews).

You’ll also need to manage your own time to determine how to most effectively support all four of them, and how to prioritise their needs.

You will be the first executive assistant to join Monzo, and the first assistant two of our founders have ever worked with: you'll be responsible for establishing how you interface with the rest of the company, and carving out your own role.

You should apply if:

* you’re exceptionally attentive to detail and incredibly organised

* you’re a quick learner, and ask incisive questions to gather the context you need

* you are proactive and autonomous

* you are hands-on: focussed on execution, removing ambiguity, and comfortable making and acting on decisions

* you’d love to learn about running a high-growth business and are excited about joining Monzo’s journey

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