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Pathfinder is the first truly modern career research platform – simplicity combined with the power and data quality of expensive financial platforms.

This London-based startup provides bespoke career guidance using data aggregation and extensive filtering. Pathfinder enables users to easily find the exact information they need, whether it is discovering industries, identifying companies within each industry, career opportunities, linking to professionals and leaders of the industries, or knowing how to prepare for applications and interviews.

Led by Kim Aviv (CEO, Cambridge graduate), Pathfinder has been supported by Microsoft, several key advisors and industry leaders have joined, and the Company also managed to secure partnerships for data with several FTSE100 firms. The company is finalising a seed funding round and has employed a contractor to build the MVP in preparation for a pilot study with a handful of Top UK Universities (Winter 2017). The CEO and successful CTO will also apply to Y Combinator for the Winter cohort.

Pathfinder is looking for a bright and experienced CTO, with a hunger to create and develop a global product. The developer must be fluent in Python / Django, with database and API experience, and ready to take on a range of responsibilities involving all stages of the software lifecycle.

Please apply for more details about the role and the company. Contact Kim Aviv at [email protected]

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