**Hello, we're EdPlace**

We're a growing online educational content provider helping parents and tutors across the UK support each child's learning journey. To date, we've helped over 30k children aged 5 to 16 with their maths, English and science. We believe every parent should have access to quality educational support that effectively helps their child succeed. As the helpful hero and parent champion, our mission is to be the most trusted partner for parents with the biggest impact on a child’s education. We’re looking to build on the great success we’ve had to date and want you to be part of it. You’ll join a small, friendly team based in Borough, London.

**Is this role right for you?**

As our Chief Technology Officer, you will have responsibility for the full stack development of our product, including our PHP web application, native iOS app and API. You’ll set EdPlace’s technology agenda and help us deliver our product roadmap at high quality, identifying new opportunities for improvement and innovation along the way. Most of all you’ll be helping children learn by using the best technology available.

You’ll be our first internal technical hire and one of your first jobs will be to help us grow our development capacity, hiring a small team of great developers to implement a technology strategy that you will be set. You will also manage the relationship with our existing four-person offshore development team, providing guidance and setting standards to enable them to support the existing product and build out new features in a robust, scalable way. In other words, you won't be in this on your own!

We’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to try new things. Maybe you’ll want to rebuild some of what we already have or introduce new technology into the stack. We’re interested in machine learning, API-first development and Android right now but you’ll have plenty of ideas of your own and have the vision and ability to deliver these.

As well as our public-facing services you will be responsible for improving our operational systems - reporting, analytics and payments - ensuring that they run smoothly and securely.

You will have overall responsibility for our AWS infrastructure, including performance and security, with implementation support from our offshore partner.

You will work closely with our product and marketing teams, helping to define requirements from a technical perspective and seeking out opportunities to improve customer conversion and retention. And you’ll support our customer service team, helping to resolve problems for the thousands of parents who rely on our service.

**About you**

This role is a leadership position and you’ll work closely with our CEO, CMO and Head of Product (don't worry - we don't bite). As well as being a great developer you’ll be happy to contribute to wider discussions about product and business development. You’ll be a self-starter, a problem solver and have great attention to detail.

You’ll most likely have:

* Excellent knowledge of PHP/MySQL and/or another (object-oriented) language.

* Experience setting technology strategy and making technology selection decisions

* Familiarity with front-end languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

* Knowledge, experience and opinions on build and deploy processes (Git, Jenkins etc)

* The ability to pick the right language and the right tools for the job, even if that means trying something new

* Experience working with (and possibly refactoring/rewriting some of) a legacy codebase

* Sound knowledge of AWS or other cloud infrastructure service

* Experience interacting with APIs

* Familiarity with security best practice

* A willingness to learn and to share your knowledge

* Enthusiasm for and belief in EdPlace’s mission

* A willingness to pitch in across the whole organisation

* A sense of humour

And bonus points if you have any of the following:

* Knowledge of payment systems (ideally including Chargify and/or Stripe)

* Experience leading a team of developers

* Experience developing and maintaining an API

* Experience working with offshore development teams

* Experience in e-commerce, particularly subscription billing

* Experience in a small business or start-up

* Knowledge of the education sector or of child-centred products

* Experience with Objective C or Swift and/or cross-platform frameworks (Xamarin, React Native etc)

* Working knowledge of application performance monitoring (e.g New Relic)

* Experience of working in an agile environment (Kanban, Scrum, XP etc)

* Experience using a project management tool/issue tracker (Jira, Trello etc)

If you don't tick all the boxes but still think you'd be a great fit please get in touch.

**The EdPlace Way**

Our culture is grounded in creating the best possible place to work as this helps us be our best at helping EdPlace succeed and be the best partner for parents, educators and students. We focus on freedom, flexibility and responsibility to deliver results. This role is full time but we will work with you to create a setup that works you, the people (or pets) who rely on you, and the company.

Our values run through everything we do here at EdPlace. Are you A Hero?

* Adaptive: We ensure we’re adapting to our customers’ needs and quick to respond.

* Helpful and supportive: We’re a small team, so it’s important to help and support one another to make EdPlace the best it can be.

* Effective: We work towards clear actions to get results.

* Results-focused/Problem Solver: We don’t settle for ‘this is how it has always been done’ or ‘no that can’t be done’. We look for solutions.

* Openly caring and genuine: We take pride in helping our customers support each child’s education.

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