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Buzz Bar is the UK’s first walk-in media and marketing shop, offering pioneering, side-by-side collaboration to clients big and small. Experienced advertising, design, and web development specialists are here to put brand names on the map, giving clients the digital tools they need to take control of their online presence. We’re proud of our diverse team, unique workflow, and transparent approach to what we do, catering for every shape and size of entrepreneur, artist, and business.


You’re a self-taught developer with a focus on frontend engineering, aesthetics, and user experience. Creative, curious, and always looking to learn something new, you spend your free time bringing independent ideas to life and indulging your personal hobbies. Asking questions is part of who you are, and, as far as you’re concerned, there’s always a better, faster, and more efficient way of getting things done.


A chilled-out, friendly environment in the heart of Shoreditch, with the freedom to put your own spin on projects and processes. Our core team is small and close-knit, giving you the opportunity to work closely with other specialists and creatives throughout the day. Quality is prized over quantity, and a flat business hierarchy encourages cooperation instead of subordination. Stock options, bonuses, team events, and all the coffee you can drink – standard, really.


- Excellent knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS & Bootstrap

- An online portfolio of work that shows both development and design capabilities

- Willingness to complete a small project or task as part of the interview process

- Ability to implement design mock-ups into a functional frontend product

- Obvious capacity for team management and client relations

- A passion for revolution

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