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Better Roads has the intention to revolutionise motor insurance and road safety.

This has the potential to get really big in the Insurtech and Regtech space (note that no Fintech is involved). The vision has been developed over the last few months and now is the time to put a strong team together and raise funding.

I need fully committed people who could complement my skills. In particular, if you have a background in one of the following I'd like to hear from you:

- Insurance (ideally Motor Insurance)

- Data Protection Law (Data Protection Act and GDPR)

- Business Development / Sales

- Product Development

- App development / Backend / Database Management

- Other as long as you can bring something valuable.

As for myself, I am a 25 years old Transport Planner with work experience in France (where I'm from), Germany, Belgium, and the UK.

The business will target the UK first and will be based in London. It's fine if you have a full-time job for now, until we get investment and go full on.

I prize honesty, transparency, and constructive critique. The ideal team can disagree and then progress through discussion. The ideal co-founders can leave their ego aside and have the company's best interest in mind. Equity will be shared between the co-founders.

Note that you will need to sign an NDA before more information on the business can be disclosed. Do get in touch even if you come late as there is no set number of co-founders. If interested please contact me at [email protected]. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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