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Ori is empowering networks to deliver future services through distributed applications. Based in central London, we are looking for a Chief Marketing Officer to join a growing team of driven and talented individuals. With technical development ahead of our launch underway, we’re looking for an experienced, digitally savvy individual to join our founding team as CMO and drive our communications and marketing strategy.

Excited by new technologies? Passionate about developer ecosystems? Looking to shake up the telecoms industry? So are we!

This role will suit an entrepreneurial, driven and strategic person who understands how to adapt while we grow and who thrives on new challenges. You will be responsible for designing, developing and deploying a marketing and communications strategy in order to drive brand reach, stakeholder engagement and user acquisition.


- Develop and execute a clear digital strategy

- Create marketing assets around brand guideline

- Identify and act upon key marketing opportunities

- Define, test and evaluate usage and engagement growth initiatives

- Define a clear SEO strategy

- Drive press coverage and organise press releases

- Manage marketing budget

- Keep on top of growth hacker trends

- Run cross-channel digital campaigns that drive user acquisition

- Create cross-platform content

- Use of CRM, communications and customer engagement techniques

- Work to ambitious acquisition and retention targets

- Manage tracking of marketing initiatives with reporting insights

- Build and manage external relationships with networks and developer groups


We’re a fast moving team bringing our platform to market in early 2019. The ideal candidate will come from a B2B SaaS tech background (such as an Infrastructure as a Service or Cloud-based Software Company), with a proven track record of leading customer success teams & working closely with sales teams. You'll be directly responsible for driving our marketing efforts by defining and executing a tactical communications strategy.

Send CVs and references to [email protected]

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