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We’re looking for an experienced CCO – someone who has what it takes to assist in the journey of taking an internet company from start-up to scaleup, then into the stratosphere.

The vision behind HeyHub is to turn a group of strangers at a venue into a community. We do this by connecting people at the moment, through our proprietary "location fingerprinting" technology that detects and instantly connects people who are physically located in the same building, at the same event/festival, at the same stadium/arena, on the same university campus, airport, train station etc.

The platform allows people to share messages, photos and videos, join interested based chat rooms, Tinder-style "matching" with others in the venue, and the app still connects people even with no internet connection. Venues use the platform to engage with their customers, and sponsors/advertisers get a uniquely unparalleled targeted marketing channel to reach their intended audience.

The platform can identify people when they are located at 5 BILLION named locations globally.

As the platform is unique, this is a once-in-a-decade opportunity and is highly scalable due to not requiring any hardware installations at the venues (sorry iBeacons).

Our team is 6 strong, and we have received a quarter of a million pounds in funding to date allowing us a sizable war chest to take the market by storm. The product is completed and tested across numerous events/locations. We have our first sales and partnerships in place to onboard customers. We have also received acquisition offers from big tech players in the space who see the potential, we are growing the platform before exploring this route further.

Previous (startup or scale up) co-founder experience is an absolute must… you also need to be someone who believes we’re onto something big and isn’t afraid to do what is necessary to make an impact and take a product to market.

Primary responsibilities include running the sales process, recruiting a sales team, putting the right marketing efforts in, comfortable with forming partnerships etc. In short, you will be covering roles and responsibilities such as Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Marketing Officer… until we grow large enough to potentially replace these roles with specialists.

Your package will be an equity/salary split which will inevitably increase when we raise a large round later this year.

If this is an opportunity you are interested in and you know you have what it takes, we look forward to hearing from you.

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