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Job Overview

Talented and ambitious C# Developer with a real passion for new technologies. Working alongside our extremely knowledge and talented in-house development team you’ll use some of the latest tech available like AWS, ASP.Net Core, C# 6 and SQL Server. As we increasingly move towards containers and services, you’ll also have the opportunity to work with Docker and cloud technologies. You will be an expert at developing and maintaining applications written in C# and SQL Server as well as Javascript.

As a Development Engineer, you will:

- Be involved in the full development lifecycle from inception through implementation, continuous enhancement and eventually decommissioning, when required

- Apply software design principles, including coupling/cohesion, decomposition/modularity, encapsulation/information hiding, and separation of interface and implementation, and instil these practices in all work performed by the team

- Improve the software development process, methodologies and tools through applied experience, automation and simplification – deliver better software, faster and cheaper.

- Develop scalable, clean, enterprise systems in C# .NET using SOLID principles

- Improve and maintain our codebase enabling continuous evolution and innovation through the discovery of pain points, research into solutions, implementation of proof of concepts and ensuring the adoption of these

- Work alongside our data science, architect and product teams

- Write and build valuable documentation and acting as an exemplar of best practice

What success will look like in 1 year:

- Customers find better jobs or candidates easily and with less friction.

- We will have a high quality, maintainable technical platform which takes advantage of the latest in technology.

- You will be working in a high performing team of engaged back end developers with a clear vision for back end development at Reed Online

Capabilities and Competencies

- Driving continuous improvement in your work and peers

- Enjoys trying and working with new technology

- Driven to learn and self-improve

- Enjoys problem-solving and automating responses for recurrent issues

- Has an Agile approach to software delivery

- Enjoys working as part of a successful team

- Excellent communication skills

Key Measures and Targets

- Product effectiveness in delivering against key performance indicators

- Customer value - % roles filled, % of jobs found, NPS

- Test coverage and technical debt measures

- On-time delivery against the product roadmap (# of commitments met)

- Co-member engagement survey and co-member turnover

Objectives met & performance


- Experience working on and optimising high transactional web applications

- Expert knowledge of C#, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5/CSS and T-SQL, ORM, source control (Preferably Git)

- Good knowledge of software architecture, design patterns and standards

- Designing and building highly performant, robust and secure Web applications

- Expertise and experience in implementing functionally correct, secure, robust and fault-tolerant applications

- Good understanding of coding conventions, test approaches, deployment strategies and development guidelines, etc; set an example for the team by following agreed standards

- Knowledge of a framework like Angular, vue.js or reactjs

- Great design and problem-solving skills, with demonstrable experience in building simple implementations to complex problems

- In-depth knowledge of agile as well as scrum roles and methodology

- Secure coding practices

- Experience practising continuous integration and knowledge/experience of continuous delivery and or continuous deployment.

- Unit Testing (TDD etc)

- Understand different caching strategies

- Understand the inversion of control and how to use dependency injection

- Experience of working with and deploying to cloud infrastructure is desirable

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