The BIMA Awards 2017


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Celebrating the British digital work pushing the limits across innovation, craft and impact.

The BIMA Awards are the longest standing and most prestigious digital awards in the UK. We seek to support and encourage the work in the British digital sector that is pushing the limits of what is possible, making a difference in business, culture and society.

These awards represent the pinnacle of the digital revolution. To win a BIMA award is a prestigious honour and earmarks your organisation as one of an elite few moving the game on and the digital economy forward.

BIMA is a community of connectors, thought leaders and change-makers, determining the shape of Britain’s digital economy. All of BIMA’s outputs reflect their core values: innovation, enabling community, celebrating individuals and embedding diversity.

Following 32 years of awarding the best-in-breed digital campaigns and projects, the newly launched BIMA Awards now seek to recognise the entire value chain rather than just digital communications.

Bridging out from their bedrock in Communications and Content, the BIMA Awards have been refined to award across five main categories also including technology including Artificial Intelligence, Immersive including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Product and Service Design and Big Data.

Each of these main categories will individually reward excellence in digital innovation, craft, impact, small budget and conscience, reflecting the fundamental priorities underpinning BIMA’s new proposition.

Deadline 31 March. Click link above to learn more.

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