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We started Techitalia:Lab to support Italian founders growing their businesses in the United Kingdom. We know young startups developing internationally face numerous challenges but you are not alone and you will not be alone! If you are an early stage startup with at least one Italian-speaking founder and you are looking to consolidate your brand and conquer Anglo-saxon markets, we might be for you!

Accepted companies recieve:

- CO-WORKING SPACE: Workspace in Central London offered by eOffice Holborn

- SUPPORT: Access to thousands of pounds of free support, offers, discounts and deals from a range of partners

- ACCESS TO INVESTMENT: Connections to VCs/investors

- MENTORING: Mentoring with more than 40 highly-selected London based mentors & experts in different fields.

- NETWORKING & EVENTS: Networking via TechItalia community which comprises 1500+ members and access to regular London startup events

FEES: Techitalia:Lab is an equity free programme, but in return we expect absolute commitment to the training and mentoring sessions.

The cost for accepted companies, thanks to our great partners and sponsors who help subsidise the programme, is £1,000+VAT for the 10-week programme (inclusive of full-time office), for one person. Every additional person pays £500+VAT (max 4 people).

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