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We help big businesses join the startup revolution and tap in to the disruption happening in their industry.

We strongly feel that big companies can harness the disruption being caused by entrepreneurs and startups to help them improve and grow their own businesses and stay relevant for years to come.

Disruption is happening everywhere, in every industry and we think there are huge benefits big business can gain in terms of improving customer experience, increasing operational efficiency, and accessing new markets by tapping into the startup ecosystem and working with these disruptive young companies.

We have proven that there is great synergy and benefits to be gained from startups and big companies working together.

Through our corporate accelerator programs with John Lewis, William Hill and DPD, we have brought the two world’s together. Giving startups funding, mentoring and a strong relationship with a big company; and helping big businesses to innovate in areas such as customer engagement, operational efficiency and also accessing new markets. We have shown that there is a huge opportunity for both startups and big companies to collaborate, not compete.

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