TED Talks: how to give a talk to engage 25000 people


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Would you like to give a TED Talk?

Are you worried or scared that your story is not good enough? Don't be!

In this workshop, Rafael dos Santos

will share with you the techniques used to:

- write an engaging story;

- the speech techniques (when to pause, when to raise your voice, when to lower it, etc);

- - how to create an effect with gestures and props;

- how to be on stage (posture, movements, etc);

- how to engage with the audience;

TED Talks are filmed by TED and they will share the official video with you. Learn how to share the video with people who have a big database of followers, so more and more people watch your TED Talk.

Be in the spotlight! Raise your profile, share your wisdom/knowledge and achievements to inspire people!

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