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Reshaping human needs through scientific and technological breakthroughs.

Join us for Tech Foresight 2039 on 27 June 2019 to explore technology's impact on the physical, emotional and safety needs of human experience. Discover what might be next on the technology horizon to help future-proof your business.

We will explore how technology might impact human needs and motivation with provocative visions of the future. How could privacy-protecting algorithms create security in an uncertain world? How could we re-frame tech to support emotional well-being? How might our physical bodies be used to control the digital world?

How might technology and scientific breakthroughs re-shape human needs?

We live in an era dominated by knowledge and rapid technology change. We live in a hyperconnected world where we increasingly demand more customised products, better living environments, cleaner air, more nutritious food, better health or sleep quality. The rapid urbanisation, increased competition, new lifestyles or climate change are some of the drivers that underpin the acceleration of those demands.

Now, imagine a day without any of these. A day without data, without smartphones, Whatsapp or LinkedIn. How would you live, work and communicate? Imagine what you can do now that you couldn't do 20 years ago. What has technology enabled? And how have our needs changed during this time?

Now imagine what our needs might be in the next 20 years.

This year's event will explore how technology might influence our needs as humans and uncover some of the possible implications for future generations. The event will combine showcases of Imperial College London's expert academics, interactive discussions and specialist industry workshops to help shape a future understanding of customers, staff and public needs.

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