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Smart Home Security Congress will take place on 13-14 September 2018. SHS Congress is a unique event dedicated only to the topic of Smart Home Security, covering all aspect of developing, retailing and using of smart home security technologies.

SHS congress in London will assemble under the same roof Manufacturers, Retailers, Distributors of Smart Locks, Smart Monitoring, Smart Alarm Systems, Smart Motion Detectors, Smart Surveillance Video Equipment, Biometrics, Smart Door & Window Sensors and Smart CCTV.

The conference is created also for companies that perform services in the sphere of security and safety, where the knowledge about tendencies and novelties in the market are needed to lead the pack.

This conference touches upon a subject of development of smart security systems for the type of buyer in the modern world of security systems and how to draw customers. That's why SHS congress is a unique event each for retailers and service providers, as well as final customer.

Also, the Congress will gather Healthcare Providers, Construction Companies, Retailers, Distributors, directors of security from Banks, Hotels, Venues, Business centers to educate about new possibilities of Smart Security in the new IoT technologies world.

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