Rhythms and Rituals: Doing Your Best Creative Work


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Technology and innovation continue to flip every industry on its head. While corporates flex tired post-industrial ways, a movement of creative independents steadily grows stronger.

In this engaging session, we'll explore and celebrate the folks that are reinventing work in real time. Join a motley crew of creators, innovators, designers, educators, marketers, geeks, and freaks - to learn about doing your best creative work.

FORMAT / 6:00-6:30 COFFEE / 6:30-8:00 WORKSHOP

Part talk and part workshop, in this inclusive event you'll be engrossed in conversation to help design a future where you wake up every day doing your best work. We will discover what you're working on and how you can accelerate with the help of your community.


+ Hear about the rhythms and rituals of some of the most prolific creators of all time

+ Gain actionable tips on ways you can improve both your creative process and output

+ Learn from one another on what works (and what doesn't) across industries and disciplines

+ Meet and mingle with a diverse group of folks from a wide range of creative areas


Everywhere he looks, Jonas Altman sees a change in the way we work. He believes that work is becoming much more fluid and fulfilling. Altman is an innovation designer, director at Social Fabric, and contributor to The Guardian and He is also an adjunct professor at UBC Sauder Business School, keynote speaker, and is currently penning a book about the future of work.

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