reimpact Finance & Business London 23.09.19


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Join us in discussing democratizing finance, centralised governance models, and the political implication of technologies.

We will be discussing:

Opening finance – Uneven access to investment opportunities, lack of transparency and a system weighed down by multiple middlemen has resulted in income inequality, which has nearly doubled in the US since the 1980s. What is money? How do we ensure protection while offering equal access to opportunities? How do we want to change the status quo? What is the finance of the future?

Decentralization – In 2018, the 26 richest people had the same net worth as the half of the world's population (3.8 billion people). 2% of bitcoin addresses control 80% of the supply. Systems aren't built on good intentions and big words. How can blockchain help create better systems? What is the purpose of decentralization? What are the challenges that prevent blockchain from going mainstream?

Emerging technologies – The Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed that 87 million Facebook user records were exploited… Over $600 million was lost through Theranos' lies. Start-up culture helps to go big, but does it help to do good? What is the purpose of business? What makes a company successful? How do we define impact investments? How do we measure and report the impact of businesses?

Unconference format:

1. Short keynotes.

2. Everyone can voice their opinion.

3. Select gathering of people – application process required.

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