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Are you a product owner struggling to find the time to understand your role in a scrum or agile process? Are you faced with competing demands from inside and outside your team? Are your colleagues always looking for more information about what should be in the next sprints? And do they complain about never getting enough of your time, even though you work long hours trying to keep up? While there are very important advantages to Scrum, product owners may find it difficult to get used to the visibility and highly iterative work it involves, often longing for old processes. If any of this sounds familiar, then this is the course for you!

What The Certified Scrum Product Owner Course Will Do For You

This course will help you perform effectively as both a scrum product owner and a team member. Through a mix of theoretical explanation, problem exploration and practical discussions, the 2-day course will equip attendees to be the best possible product owner for their Scrum projects.

Learn how to:

-Assume the responsibilities of a Product Owner

-Apply Scrum to optimize customer satisfaction and value creation

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