Implement an IoT sensor connected to Redis


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One of the benefits of Redis, compared to other NoSQL solutions, is that it is possible to implement a small Redis client that fits into a micro-controller RAM, such as an Arduino 328P, ESP8266 or ESP32. This makes it possible to create real connected things/sensors for a few pounds with a few lines of code. Redis, with its performances, can easily ingest data and manage thousands of connected devices on a single CPU core, including on an ARM processor (Raspberry Pi)! A micro-controller can send more than 1500 operations per second and a single core Redis can handle up to 800000 operations per second.

In this meetup / workshop you will receive (and take home) a micro controller with a light sensor that sends data via the RESP protocol to a Redis instance.

What to bring:

C or C++ basic skills

A Linux (user belongs to dialout group for USB) or Windows PC or a Mac (admin privileges to install an USB driver)

600MB available on hard drive, 4GB RAM, USB A/B port or USB C with an adaptor

Micro USB cable (Charge+Sync)

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