How does investment affect business growth? WeVent charity fundraiser


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All proceeds will go to the WCIT Charity; a grant-giving organisation that uses Information Technology skills to improve lives through education, opportunity and accessibility

Core Themes

Employee engagement, analytics, data, automation, technology, AI, investment, finance, startups

The Topic

Business growth and investment go hand in hand. Small and large businesses alike strive to achieve investment but when they achieve it - what happens? We hear all the time about the success of achieving investment but not about how it changes the company, teams, and people; for better or worse.

We will be deep diving into the effects investment can have on you by looking at the stages of investment and how it impacts the entire journey of a company. All the way from attempting to attain funding - through to scenarios on how a company changes as it takes on growth capital.

Studying the Pillars

We will be focusing on key impacts investment has on the company through 4 core pillars of company success:

1) Cash is King - what do we need to get financial investment and keep growth high

2) Leadership - what are the core characteristics a team needs to increase their success chances

3) Psychological Safety - Ensuring teams and members of a company have the ability to innovate and ideate to their potential

4) Customer Experience - Creating a client delivery model which retains customers and ensures people are confident in delivering the final product

Studying the Impacts

We will be deep diving into how investment can change the growth trajectory of a company by learning from key people who have experienced both the highs and lows of professional investors. We will aim to draw out as many questions from the attendees before opening to the floor for your questions.

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