Alternative Data for Emerging Asset Classes


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DataScrum is a community of data scientists who use alternative data to solve problems across industries.

About this Event

This event focuses on data and alternative data analytics in emerging asset classes with a particular focus on crypto currencies and tokens. We will be sharing ideas and use cases by industry leaders on the usage of alt data for the crypto currency market beyond the usual analysis of price data. The categories of such data include chain analysis, news sentiment analysis, order book analysis, and automated project valuation using data science methods.

Questions to be answered by the presentations:

- What types of alternative data are there in crypto markets?

- With the help of data, is it possible to enhance our understanding of crypto markets and develop profitable trading strategies in the space?

- What are the similarities and differences between traditional and crypto-asset classes in the context of alternative data?


18.00-18.30 Arrivals and networking

18.30-18.40 Welcome by Julian Kaljuvee, Co-Founder of DataScrum and Data Scientist at DBRS

18.40-18.55 The Story of Token Analyst - by Jai Prasad

18.55-19.10 Pricing data in the world of cryptocurrencies Karl Turner, Crypto Compare

19.10-19.25 Data trends and what it means for businesses Toby Lewis, Novum Insights

19.25-19.40 Panel featuring Toby Lewis, Novum Insights - Julian Kaljuvee, DataScrum, Karl Turner, Cypto Compare - Jai Prasad, Token Analyst

19.40-20.30 Drinks and networking

Who should attend?

This event should be interesting to:

- data scientists looking to learn more about leveraging alternative data in financial models and beyond

- alternative data providers looking to educate the audience about their products

- data science consultancies and specialists recruiters looking to provider alternative data solutions

- investment managers looking to gain an edge and to improve investment performance based on alternative data and alternative asset classes including but not limited to crypto currencies

About DataScrum:

We are a community of alternative data enthusiasts organising regular, fun and educational events in the alt data space with speakers from a variety of industries including financial services, health care, insurance, marketing / ad technologies, telecom and retail.

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