VR Masterclass: Crafting VR Experiences for Social Change & Impact


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Virtual Reality has emerged as a new artistic medium and a creative platform. From storytelling to empathy building—how can creators leverage the power of VR for social change and impact? Join us to learn from the best instructors in this field.

For the first time in history, Virtual Reality can give us an opportunity to more efficiently and sustainably change public perception. VR is a powerful medium for empathy building, allowing the audience to feel what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes. Whether you’re a filmmaker, film student, media professional or an agency creative, Raindance VR masterclasses provide you with the knowledge you need to start crafting powerful experiences in virtual reality. In this masterclass we will discuss narrative story-creation in VR for social change, practicalities around shooting and distribution to maximise impact.

At the end of the masterclass, you will come away with knowledge about:

* How you can leverage VR for non-fiction storytelling to craft experiences that improve awareness, education, and lead to action.
* From developing a concept to narrative story-creation. First Person v/s * Third Person POV in narrative VR for social impact.
* How to prepare for challenging conditions around shooting.
* Where to showcase and how to distribute your VR experience to educate and influence people and policymakers around the world. How to measure impact and success.

Who should attend?
This masterclass is open to anyone who has an interest in learning more about creating powerful experiences in Virtual Reality. You don’t need a prior experience with the concepts, tools or resources of VR. Just bring your enthusiasm to learn more from the best instructors in this field.

About the Instructors

Catherine Feltham, Director and Producer at WaterAid
Catherine Feltham is a film director and producer working in WaterAid's in-house production unit. Catherine directed award-winning short documentary ‘Across the Tracks,’ which explores how good sanitation can help keep women safe from violence in India. She also directed the interactive film, ‘Parallel lives’, which contrasts experiences of midwives in Tanzania and the UK. She loves to use film as a creative tool for inspiring and motivating people to act. Her latest project is WaterAid’s first 360/VR film - Aftershock. It transports us to Nepal where a community looks to rebuild their lives after the devastating 2015 earthquakes.

Toni Shephard, Director at Animal Equality
Toni Shephard is UK director of Animal Equality, an international animal protection organisation working to expose and end the suffering of farmed animals. Over the past 20 years she has filmed inside dozens of factory farms and never ceases to be shocked by the cruel practices farmed animals are forced to endure. The knowledge that most people are inherently opposed to animal suffering and simply do not know how badly farmed animals are treated, coupled with the growing number of animal-free food options, gives her hope for a factory farming-free future. She also holds a PhD in animal behaviour.

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Catherine Feltham, Toni Shephard

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